What is the study about?


This study aims to enhance promotion of physical activity and referral by health professionals to structured physical activity opportunities for people 50+ and adults and children with a physical disability.

Structured physical activity refers to community based exercise, sport and physical recreation opportunities. There are three parts to the PROPOSE Trial:


1. A scoping survey to identify knowledge, clinical practice and training needs;

2. Focus groups and/or individual interviews about your experience in referring clients to physical activity, exercise and sport and input from consumers;


3. A trial of an education and support package (workshop, website, discussion forum and phone/email support for practice change).

Depending on availability, you can participate in each part of the study or just one part.

What does the education and support package include?


Part Three of PROPOSE involves participation in specialised workshops for health professionals. 

After consultation, each workshop or intervention package will be tailored to the local needs of health professionals and may include workshop(s), website resources, a private group discussion forum and follow-up support.


We anticipate that there will be approximately 5 hours in total of workshops/meetings delivered in a group-based format by experienced physical activity and disability researchers and clinicians. Groups can also choose to complete some components on-line if preferred.

Workshops will be held in a range of Sydney locations over the coming months. 

Who is leading the study?

The PROPOSE study is being conducted by a team of researchers led by Professor Cathie Sherrington from The University of Sydney.

Please go to meet the team for more information.

This project is funded through a Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Rapid Applied Research Translation Program grant awarded to Sydney Health Partners.

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